A punk who did ballet.
Goes after what she wants, just hasn’t figured what’s that yet.
Hang on tight,
scroll further.
It’s going to be a ride.

words enchanting

Years passed,
caged in an enchanted sleep;
Yet in this magical night,
and the splendor of words,
ignites the sleeping beast

one of those nights

Trying times, jaded mind,
the white canvas, blank lines
my bunker underneath this mess.

what the mirror showed

She stared at the mirror, familiarizing her every feature. Trying to hold on to her own identity, the one unstained and untouched by him.

Pandemic Made Me Do It

We all have our own coping mechanisms and online shopping can boost our mood or at least gets us something to look forward to. Careful though, it’s a slippery slope to going broke. I myself am a culprit of spending some hard earned cash to help me get by and let me share with you some of the stuff I loved.


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